Special care for disabled persons

Advice and support

Service for children and their families through our counselling bureaus.


Provide access to working life in line with the client’s resources, interests and needs.

Living and housing

Maximum independence for everyday life with sufficient support and help.


Research and Development center

The Research and Development center’s team has in-depth and specialized knowledge regarding the multifaceted problems concerning the physical, mental and social health and challenging behavior. The R&D center offers various types of studies and assessments, diagnosis, medical examination and monitoring, regular health checks, rehabilitation, aftercare and crisis management.


Other services

Work according to the Social Welfare Act       

Tailored work for persons with difficulties to become employed in the open market.

Youth counselling

Youth counselling center Troja in Turku.

Family care

Our counselling bureaus recruit families for support, crises and foster for young persons with disabilities.


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