Brief history


The Joint Authority is founded in 1956.
Svenska Finlands vårdanstalt för sinnesslöa (the Institutional home for mentally retarded persons in Swedish-speaking Finland) opens in Pargas on August 1st, 1960. Most clients are children.
In 1969 there are 222 intellectually disabled persons at the institution.


Open care expands and the intellectually disabled persons are provided service in homelike surrounding.
The Swedish social pedagogical method is applied in the work with intellectually disabled persons at the Institutional home in Pargas.


The first housing unit for persons with severe intellectual disabilities is opened in Korsholm.
A working center, ”Allehandan”, for persons with severe intellectual disabilities is established in 1982. This is unique even in Nordic conditions.
An industrial employment center is established in Jakobstad.


The first plan to dismantle institutional care in made in 1991.
The Kårkulla Resource Center is established in 1991.


A quality control project is launched.
Kårkulla’s largest economic area is housing service with accommodation for 548 clients


A plan for organizing housing services covering the entire joint authority is made.
New buildings are constructed on the Kårkulla property in Pargas
The administrations is reorganized
Participation in numerous development projects, e.g. KASTE (National Development Programme for Social Welfare and Health Care).

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